Aksi Sosial Donor Darah bersama Mall CL, PMI dan Radio Sonora
01/11/2012 [04:29:21 PM]


Cherish CV Fidelia working with Mall Ciputra Jakarta, PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), and also hold social events Radio Sonora Mass Blood Donation Loving to increase supply of blood stock in PMI.


Blood donation involves the participation of all employees CV Cherish Fidelia, all the end of the Mall Ciputra Jakarta, and others. Social Action will be held on:


Event: Blood Donation Bulk Loving


Day / Date: Monday, November 26, 2012


Time: Pkl. 10:00 to 18:00 pm


Location: Area Center Court Mall Ciputra Jakarta Lower Ground Floor


As a thank you to our donors provide a souvenir, and consumption and Door Prize Points.


Let ikiuti Blood Donor's activities .....


Cherish present to you all .... Cherish cheers up your live ....

Teh Daun Pepaya
Papaya Leaf Tea by Health RI No.: 210337603222 is ...
Teh Daun Jambu Cherish
Guava Leaf Tea Cherish...
Teh Daun Belimbing Wuluh
Tea Leaf Carambola Wuluh to reduce hypertension...
11/03/2013 [12:08:30 PM]
Cherish Vaganza Hadir Kembali periode belanja 11 Maret - 11 Mei 2013 Pilih Hadiahnya
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04/03/2013 [10:46:36 AM]
Product Baru, Teh Daun Sukun Cherish
New Product, Tea Leaf Breadfruit Cherish
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Selamat Kepada Pemenang Model Cherish
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18/02/2013 [11:52:26 AM]
Selamat Kepada Pemenang Cherish VAGANZA 2012
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10/12/2012 [11:51:55 AM]
Christmas in The Rabbit Island
Christmas in The Rabbit Island. Yes, that's the theme by the Ciputra Mall to celebrate Christmas this year. Cherish Fidelia again present in the exhibition held at Mal Ciputra Jakarta. Attend and visit our booth to get a promotion and our best offers.
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