Teh Daun Pepaya


Papaya Leaf Tea by Health RI No.: 210337603222 is great for smooth ation. So for women who want to breastfeed very good use of papaya leaves to smooth her ​​breastmilk.


Cherish papaya leaf tea pack 10 was hygienic and anti-bacterial.


Here are some benefits of papaya leaves that you must know:


1. As an acne medicine.

For those of you who do not feel confident to have facial breakouts. Especially for women who always pay attention to beauty. Papaya leaves can treat it by making a mask.



2. Streamlining benefits digestion

The leaves of the papaya plants contain chemical compounds karpain. Substances that can kill microorganisms that often interfere with the digestive function.


3. Increase appetite

This benefit is primarily for children who are difficult to eat. Take a fresh papaya leaves and has a size of your palm. If you have found add a little salt and half a cup of warm water. Combine all and blend. Then strain the water, well water that can be used to increase appetite.


4. scarlet fever

Who would have thought that papaya is also able to cure dengue. Try to take 5 pieces of leaves. Add a pint of water and boil. Take the water if it is left alone tiperempatnya. Star itself has never been proved, so if the situation did not improve immediately rushed to the doctor (even if memabaik immediately take it to a doctor). Consider it for first aid!


5. menstrual pain

Women often take advantage of the ancient Javanese papaya leaf to treat menstrual pain. Simply Take 1 sheet of leaves only, add tamarind and salt. Then mix with a glass of water and boiled. Let cool before drinking the potion papaya.


6.Anti cancer

It is still uncertain, but from some research that the benefits of papaya leaves can also be developed as anti-cancer. Actually, not only alone but stem papaya leaves can also be used. Because kedanya has milky latex (a milky white sap).

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Teh Daun Pepaya
Papaya Leaf Tea by Health RI No.: 210337603222 is ...
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