Anarchist Film Room 2012

เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์ฟรีTWO DAYS!: SATURDAY, MAY 19 & SUNDAY, MAY 20
12pm-5pm — ROOM 119 at the CEDA (2515 rue Delisle)
wheelchair accessible – free

Throughout the day on SATURDAY MAY 19 & SUNDAY, MAY 20 the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair will host a Film Room, showing both feature and short films related to anarchism or anarchist-supported struggles. There is limited seating in the Film Room, and films will be starting on time, so please arrive a few minutes before each screening.

12pm-1pm: RFID: la police totale
(Pièces et main d’oeuvre / Websubterfuge / 28 min / FR / France / 2011)

A film about Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), also known as electronic marking, smart tags, transponders, and “radio-frequency flys”. These “cookies” were born during the Second World War supplanting barcodes, before invading all consumer goods, animals, travel tickets and IDs, library books, urban trees and, more and more, human beings.? Film screening to be followed by discussion.

(Rozenn Potin / 50 min / FR, subtitles in English / Québec / 2011)

With ATTENTION FéMINISTES! Rozenn Potin witnesses the vivacity of five young feminists, who try to find new methods of analysis and action to reconcile their modern aspirations, convictions and personal development. Rozenn Potin translates big chunks of feminist theory into vivid images in a very sensitive, funny and pertinent manner. What does it mean to be a feminist today? How does feminism make an impact on their everyday life? What is it like to be a feminist within the family sphere? These are the kind of questions this documentary tries to answer. Followed by a discussion with some film participants.

2:30pm-3:30pm: Short films by Kandis Friesen and Brescia Bloodbeard

This section of the film program highlights five short, experimental films.

– trade (Kandis Friesen / 5 min / no dialogue, text in EN & FR / 2011)
trade is an experimental video short exploring concepts of borders and trade, and their relationship to notions of collective history and national identity in the North American colonial context. The work seeks to deconstruct and abstractly layer Indigenous and colonial histories, looking at the (visible and invisible) borders that exist within our communities, cities, economies, and nations.

– Sharp Like a Knife (Brescia Bloodbeard / 3:43 min / EN)
Dedicated to the folks whose dissent was/is criminalized during the events of the Toronto G20

– The Skinning Song (Brescia Bloodbeard / 1:20 min/ EN)
An ode to roadkill deer.

– Everything is Trivial (Brescia Bloodbeard / 2:50min / EN)
A stop motion animation film about the triviality of everything, about depression, loathing civilization, sensitive feelings, and anticipation of apocalyptic doom.

– Galore: Investing in the Trivial (Brescia Bloodbeard / 10:42 min / EN)
Galore is a stop motion animation short, exploring themes of mental health, love, friendship, vitality, and mortality. The animation follows two homo-romantic claymation characters, Kelka and Mave, through a series of short chapters.

3:30pm-5pm: Why I Am An Anarchist
(Caitlin Hewitt-White / 45 min / ENG / Toronto / 2012)

In the wake of the June 2010 G20 protests, six Toronto-based anarchists answer the question “Why are you an anarchist?”? Counter to media portrayals of anarchists as unthinking violent criminals, interviewees present themselves as politically diverse, intellectually grounded, and socially engaged activists.? Topics of discussion range from anarchism as radical democracy, to the role of anarchists in the socialist left and labour unions. Followed by discussion with the filmmaker.

12pm-2pm: Anarchroniques. Chroniques d’une ?mouvance libertaire
(Coop Media Libre / 83 min / FR / Québec / 2012)

A documentary that explores the origins of the anarchist movemnt in Quebec and provides a portrait of certain contemporary anarchist groups. With post-film discussion with co-directors Fernando Garcia Blanes and Karine Rosso.

2pm-2:30pm: Banca Rota
(Full Instinct Productions / 14 min / FR / Catalonia / 2011)

Bankruptcy or “broken bank” could be the translation of the title of this short film shot in Barcelona, short after the 15-M movement begining, influenced by the recent rebellions of the arab spring but also by it’s own past. The actual neoliberal, economical revolution has temporarly achieved to make people forget about the fact that they always have the last word, in the end. This word, these words the people yelled it out quite loudly?: “no no representan” (you don’t represent us). The notation agencies are declaring the bankruptcies of countries, nations, individuals. Our turn has come now to declare the bankruptcy of this unfair and dangerous system.

2:30pm-3pm: Memento Mori
(Pierre-Luc Junet / 7 min / FR / Quebec / 2012)

A short film critiquing the student strike at its beginning. The film reflects on the tasks still necessary to transform the anger limited to students to a generalized revolt against the system that generates these tensions and disturbances. The filmmaker will be present for a post-film discussion.

3pm-4:30pm: Noise and Resistance
(Francesca Araiza Andrade, Julia Ostertag / 87 min / EN / Europe / 2011)

There are other ways. Commerce, capital, and consumption are by no means irrevocable necessities in today’s world. In their angry and rousing documentary “Noise and Resistance”, Francesca Araiza Andrade and Julia Ostertag show that those who think so are not alone in this opinion. What some would describe as mere din and nuisance, they prove to be a vital articulation of resistance. Here punk is neither a passing fad nor a dusted relic from the past but the lively expression of an attitiude towards life. The directors enter the centres of a vivid and vibrant, a rebellious and self-conscious scene. Be it squatters in Barcelona, anti-fascists in Moscow, Dutch trade unionists, the activists of England’s Crass collective, queer trailer park inhabitants in Berlin, or Swedish girl punk bands, their music always expresses a collective self-assertion, a No! set to music whose slogan : Do it yourself! has become a strident 21st century “International”. “Noise and Resistance” is an inspiring journey through Europe’s contemporary utopia, to subcultural places of desire where unity derives from autonomy along with the best punk sound you’ve heard for years.

4:30pm-5pm: Guerre d’Algérie: Une resistance oubliée
(Daniel Goude et Guillaume Lenormant / 30 min / FR / France / 2001)

A history of the actions of the Fédération communiste libertaire (FCL) and the Mouvement libertaire nord-africain (MLNA), which from 1954 was one of the first networks in support of the Algerian resistance. Police repression liquidated these two organizations in 1957.