Donations 2012

The proceeds from the 2012 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair supported the following projects: i) the DIRA Anarchist Library (Montreal); ii) the Anarchist Bookfair Accessibility Fund; iii) the Solidarity Across Borders Support Work Fund. More info below:

DIRA ANARCHIST LIBRARY (MONTRéAL): The DIRA is a space for the promotion of anarchist ideas as well as alternatives to the ideas promoted by the mass media and dominant power. At the DIRA, you can borrow or consult hundreds of books, newspapers, zines, archival materials and more. We function on the basis of a non-hierarchical, equal and anti-authoritarian structure, and we distribute information for free so that it’s accessible to everyone: because ideas are not for sale, they are to be shared! INFO:

ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR ACCESSIBILITY FUND: The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Accessibility Fund began in 2010 to help make the Bookfair accessible in various ways. For example, the fund has previously supported sign language translation of workshops at the Bookfair. The fund has also helped the Bookfair increase the amount of wheelchair-accessible space we provide by subsidizing the cost of accessible rooms in the Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre. This fund helps the Bookfair collective meet its stated goals of striving towards an accessible event in diverse ways. The accessibility fund is focused on helping to overcome barriers to access for people with disabilities as well as counteracting ableism. INFO:?

SOLIDARITY ACROSS BORDERS SUPPORT WORK FUND: This fund comes out of the experiences of those doing support work and mobilization within Solidarity Across Borders and our allied networks. This fund also comes from our desire to meet the immediate needs of those with whom we work – non-status migrants – while maintaining our main principles of solidarity and mutual aid (as opposed to a “services” or charity approach). Solidarity Across Borders is a migrant justice network based in Montreal, active since 2003. We are comprised of migrants and allies, and we organize together to support individuals and families who are confronting an unjust immigration and refugee system. INFO: เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์ฟรี