Workshops & Presentations 2013

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair includes both introductions to anarchism and in-depth workshops on both Saturday, May 25 & Sunday, May 26. For introduction to anarchism, click เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์ฟรี. There is more info below about in-depth workshops & presentations at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.


SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013

  • 11am: Building a Solidarity City: The practice of anarchism in Montreal (EN/FR) – Solidarity Across Borders
  • 11am:?An Anarchist Working for the State: Trojan Horse? (FR) – David Gagnon
  • 11am: Autonomous Archiving: History in Our Hands (EN)? – Interference Archive
  • 11am: Women and Anti-fascism (FR)?–?Montreal Sisterhood
  • 1pm: No Borders, No Nations, Smash White Supremacy! APOC struggles in North America (EN/FR) – No One Is Illegal-Montreal
  • 1pm:?“We Are Ungovernable” – A Book About Contemporary Anarchism in Quebec (FR)
  • 1pm: All writers of anarchist fiction – meet the Anarchist Writers Bloc (FR/EN)
  • 1pm: No System but the Ecosystem: Earth First! and Anarchism?(EN) – Toby V. Potter
  • 3pm:?Anarchist People of Colour (APOC) Caucus: Take Care of Each Other So We Can Be Dangerous Together (EN/FR)
  • 3pm:?Direct Democracy: A Project by and for White Men??(FR)?Myriam & Camille from the Union des communistes libertaires
  • 3pm:?Notre Dame des Landes Airport (Nantes) in France: useless, costly, anti-ecological and anti-social (FR)?– No Pasaran
  • 3pm: (CANCELLED) Strategies for Solidarity with Women Prisoners (EN)Gully Good, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back and Claudia Medina


  • 11am:?Women, Prisons, and the State (FR)?– Clara & Josée
  • 11am: Anarchy After Fukushima (EN)Ayumi Hirai, Yoko K, Sabu Kohso & Norihito Nakata
  • 11am: Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind (EN)Vikki Law & China Martens
  • 1pm:?“We don’t give a fuck”: An alternative history of the spring 2012 uprising in Quebec (FR)Collectif de débrayage
  • 1pm:?RASTA: The Anarchism of the Poor? (FR)?– Hélène Lee
  • 1pm: Decolonization, anarchism, and addressing violence against Indigenous Women (EN)Candice Cascanette
  • 1pm:?Parents and Caregivers Caucus (EN/FR)
  • 3pm: Anarchists resisting fascists and the far-right: The example of Greece (EN)?Christina Xydous et. al.
  • 3pm: ?Is the personal political??(FR)?Maille à Part
  • 3pm: ?Police Brutality and Political Profiling?(FR)?Francis Dupuis-Déri and Marc-André Cyr
  • 3pm: Anarchist Education (FR) – Marike Reid-Gaudet and Mubeenah Mughal

(detailed descriptions below)

Each workshop takes place in English (ENG) or French (FR), with whisper translation into English and/or French.

All workshop rooms are accessible to wheelchairs. There is limited seating and capacity for all workshops, so please arrive early.

CCGV = Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier (2450 rue Workman)
CEDA = Centre d’éducation populaire de la Petite-Bourgogne et de St-Henri (2515 rue Delisle)

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 11am

Building a Solidarity City: The practice of anarchism in Montreal (EN/FR)
Saturday, May 25, 11am
CCGV – Room – Room 2.100

This workshop will provide an overview of the Solidarity City campaign, an effort? to build reliable and accountable networks of mutual aid and support in Montreal,? assuring services to everyone, particularly non-status migrants. This workshop will? also examine the Solidarity City campaign in Montreal as an example of the tangible? practice of anarchism. Beyond debates around social war versus social organization,?the Solidarity City campaign posits an anarchism of struggle, based on organizing to? meet daily needs while confronting state and capitalism as manifested in borders and? global apartheid.

Facilitated and presented by anarchists who organize with Solidarity Across? Borders, and are involved in the Solidarity City campaign. Solidarity Across Borders? is a migrant justice network based in Montreal (

An Anarchist Working for the State: Trojan Horse? (FR)
Saturday, May 25th, 11am
CCGV – Room 2.140

Is it possible for an anarchist to work for the State? To do so without betraying their values? Unless we want to divorce ourselves from the system completely, we have to work, and for a teacher, the State is the standard employer. Nonetheless, it’s possible for us to not only reconcile our job with our libertarian values, but also to use take advantage of our situation to spread the word about anarchism, without, however, imprisoning our students in a philosophy of freedom.

David Gagnon has taught literature at a CEGEP in Quebec City for over 20 years. His positions on politics, society, and pedagogy are still none of his employer’s business.?

Autonomous Archiving: History in Our Hands (EN)
Saturday, May 25, 11am
CEDA – Room 123

Drawing on Interference Archive’s experience, this workshop explores how and why?anarchists should be concerned with collecting and making public use of the?histories of social struggles and alternative experiments, particularly through the?lens of the relation between politics and cultural production. Our open-access?archive from below stresses the use of our collection of ephemera created by social?movement participants themselves over its preservation and encourages critical,?imaginative engagements with our own histories.

Presented by members of the Interference Archive, a social and study center based in Brooklyn, NY, that explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements.

Women and Anti-fascism (FR)
Saturday, May 25th, 11am
CEDA – Room 125

We want to do a presentation on women and anti-fascism because too often the role of women in Antifa action around the world and throughout history is forgotten. The speakers are women who are active in anti-fascist action and who have met many other antifa women from elsewhere in the world.

This presentation is put on by Montreal Sisterhood, a women’s-only feminist anti-fascist group of anarchists and libertarian communists.


No Borders, No Nations, Smash White Supremacy!: APOC struggles in North America (EN/FR)
Saturday, May 25, 3pm
CCGV – Room 2.100

This will be a workshop about the resistance and struggles of anarchists and?anti-authoritarian people of colour. We will emphasize how struggles against the?state have always been important to racialized communities and how?anti-authoritarian practices and community building strategies may not be named?anarchist but reflect anarchist principles.

Presented by members of No One Is Illegal-Montreal, a migrant justice movement rooted in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, ecological justice, Indigenous self-determination, anti-occupation & anti-oppressive communities.

“We Are Ungovernable” – A Book About Contemporary Anarchism in Quebec (FR)
Saturday, May 25th, 1pm
CCGV – Room 2.140

This workshop will aim to reflect on the recently released book We Are Ungovernable: Anarchists in Quebec Today (Nous sommes
ingouvernables: les anarchistes au Québec aujourd’hui), a collection of texts put together and presented by Rémi Bellemare-Caron, émilie Breton, Marc-André Cyr, Francis?Dupuis-Déri, and Anna Kruzynski. Along with the book’s contributors, we will critically reflect on the issues of anarchism, particularly in Quebec. In order? that the discussion be as fruitful as possible, we invite the workshop participants to read the book and to prepare their questions and comments in advance.

We are all anarchist activists or researchers interested in anarchism and its recent history.

All writers of anarchist fiction – meet the Anarchist Writers Bloc (FR/EN)
Saturday, May 25, 1pm
CEDA – Room 123

Calling all writers of anarchist fiction! Here’s your chance to meet other?anarchist writers who work together collectively as the Anarchist Writers Bloc and?publish and promote their literary creations. The AWB also organizes regular open?mic cabarets, literary workshops, theatre projects and other events and provides a?safe space for writers to share their work.

Presented by The Anarchist Writers Bloc, a Montreal-based collective of anarchist writers of fiction.

No System but the Ecosystem: Earth First! and Anarchism?(EN)
Saturday, May 25, 1pm
CEDA – Room 125

The Earth First! (EF!) movement has been functioning using an anarchistic model? of organizing ecological resistance in North America for over 32 years. While it has?grown and changed several times over the decades, it has maintained its core values?of direct action, biocentrism and a strategy of no-compromise. This workshop aims? to ask the question of how new ecological resistance will shape the future of EF!,?and the broader movement for anarchy?

Lori Warbler has roots firmly planted in the Great Lakes region, and is involved with Deep Water Earth First!. She also contributes to Sprout Distro and radical print-making projects in Grand Rapids, MI.

Kevin Nobo is engaged in Deep Water Earth First! and anti-domestication projects near Lake Michigan.


People of Colour (APOC) Caucus: Take Care of Each Other So We Can Be Dangerous Together (EN/FR)
Saturday, May 25, 3pm
CCGV – Room 2.100

This workshop addresses complexities in the personal experiences of People of? Colour and Indigenous Peoples in Anti-Authoritarian and Anarchist organizing?contexts. Topics of discussion will include: building support networks, solidarity?work, multiplicities of organizing, healing and burn-out. This caucus seeks to break?down assumptions about different kinds of organizing by asking participants to bring?their experiences and histories as skills for this caucus. This workshop is closed?to self-identified People of Colour and Indigenous People.

The Anarchist People of Colour caucus is organized by self-identified queer and trans, anti-authoritarian and anarchist people of colour in Montréal that seek to create spaces for sharing conversations for all People of Colour and Indigenous Peoples.

Direct Democracy: A Project by and for White Men? (FR)
Saturday, May 25th, 3pm
CCGV – Room 2.140

Direct democracy, defined as a mode of horizontal organization? with binding and revokable mandates, presents itself as a promising political alternative. Despite its horizontal structure, direct democracy seems nonetheless to be used by several movements having one important point in common: they are made up in large majority of a select club, that is, white men who came in with an activist history. Their method of organization, which aims to be inclusive and participatory, seems then to exclude and render invisible whole segments of society. This workshop proposes to explore courses of action and reflection which can help to open direct democracy to other backgrounds than that of it’s select club.

Presented by Myriam and Camille, members of the Union communiste libertaire who have been active in many organizations and spaces, both women-only and mixed.

Notre Dame des Landes Airport (Nantes) in France: useless, costly, anti-ecological and anti-social (FR)
Saturday, May 25th, 3pm
CEDA – Room 123

?Notre Dame des Landes Airport (in Nantes, France), an exemplary struggle against the infinite expansion of capital and commodity into our lives. A struggle where the intersection of diverse and multiple resistances raises questions about horizontal democracy, about what type of society, about what anti-capitalism means today.

Facilitated by a member of No Pasaran (France) who has been a part of the struggle many years.

(CANCELLED) Strategies for Solidarity with Women Prisoners (EN)
Saturday, May 25, 3pm
CEDA – Room 125

A discussion of bottom-up approaches to practical, long-term solidarity with women prisoners, featuring a panel of former prisoners. Our analysis is largely based on our experiences of being criminalized , the time we have spent as prisoners in provincial institutions in Canada, and our experiences with activism and organizing both within prison and on the outside. We wish to help steer the rhetoric of prisoner solidarity away from a top-down approach in which activists decide what is needed by prisoners and towards a strong and militant anti-prison movement in which the needs of prisoners are determined by the prisoners themselves.

Panelists include: Gully Good, a Jamaican-Canadian poet, writer, mother, and activist; Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, a queer-identified poet, activist and contributing editor with Fifth Estate Magazine; and Claudia Medina, the women’s prison program coordinator at the Prisoner Aids Resource Action Network.

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 11am

Women, Prisons, and the State (FR)
Sunday, May 26th, 11am
CCGV – Room 2.140

?A portrait of criminalized women. An evaluation of the impacts of the prison and legal systems on women (structural violence). A discussion of women organising in prison from an anarchist and prison abolitionist perspective.

Facilitated by Clara and Josée, an anarcha-feminist activist and a woman working in the community sector with criminalised women.

Anarchy After Fukushima (EN)
Sunday, May 26, 11am
CEDA – Room 125

The presentation “Anarchy After Fukushima” is composed by three Japanese natives,?two based in Tokyo and one based in New York. It analyzes the necro-politics of the? Japanese government that dares drive radiation expansion and the persistent interest?of apocalyptic capitalism that continues to appropriate the devastation for further ?profitmaking. The main goal is to elucidate the present state of the struggles that? fight against the colonization of bio-sphere, for the future of planetary anarchy.

Presented by: Yoko K, a Tokyo-based novelist, poet and activist; Sabu Kohso, an independent writer/translator, an editor of, and?also active with Todos Somos Japon; and Norihito Nakata, a researcher of social movement and PHD candidate at Waseda University in Tokyo who has been active in the global anti-capitalist movement.

Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind (EN)
Sunday, May 26, 11am
CEDA – Room 119 (Kids, Caregivers, and Comrades Theme Room!)

Join Vikki Law (Resistance Behind Bars) & China Martens (The Future Generation) for a discussion on ways that non-parents can support caregivers and children in their communities, movements, and collective processes.

How do we create new, non-hierarchical structures of support and mutual aid and include all ages in the struggle for social justice? Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind will be a discussion of concrete tips, suggestions, and narratives on ways that non-parents can support parents, children, and caregivers in their communities, social movements, and collective processes. Good for those who are curious and would like to learn more, those new to parenting and? children’s issues, as well as the more experienced. Let’s build an all-ages, inclusive revolution that leaves no one behind!

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 1pm

“We don’t give a fuck”: An alternative history of the spring 2012 uprising in Quebec (FR)
Sunday, May 26th, 1pm
CCGV – Room 2.140

Discussion of the book On s’en calisse, une autre histoire du soulèvement du printemps 2012 au Québec (co-published by éditions Entremonde and Sabotart). This book wants to tell the story of the strength of the strike (and the strikers) to counter its erasure or its glorification in service of the remaking of “society”. But the strike doesn’t give a fuck about the return of the social peace.

Facilitated by le Collectif de débrayage, a collective of (anonymous) activists who took part in the 2012 student strike in Quebec, and who come from Quebec and France.

RASTA: The Anarchism of the Poor? (FR)
Sunday, May 26th, 1pm
CEDA – Room 123

?In its beginnings in the ‘30s, the rasta movement was essentially anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anarchist. From this history, which she has studied for over 20 years, Helene Lee has developed a book and a movie (Le Premier Rasta [The First Rasta]) which unearth the libertarian and internationalist origins of the movement. She will present the conclusions of her research and start the debate: Should the Rastas take their place in global anarchist movement?

Facilitated by Helene Lee, of France, a journalist, writer, and researcher of Caribbean history..

Decolonization, anarchism, and addressing violence against Indigenous Women (EN)

Sunday, May 26, 1pm
CEDA – Room 125

This workshop/discussion will give an overview and background on the current?realities and root causes of ongoing colonization committed on the bodies of?Indigenous women, making links between anarchism, indigenous solidarity and epidemic rates of violence against Indigenous women on Turtle Island. We will explore?questions around the importance of addressing violence against Indigenous women to?anarchist anti-colonial and decolonization movements, and how further exploitation?of Indigenous territories increase the risk of violence towards Indigenous women.

Presented by Candice Cascanette, a Metis anarcha-feminist, community radio enthusiast, and member of Missing Justice, a Montreal based collective working to end violence and discrimination against Indigenous women in Quebec.

Parents and Caregivers Caucus (EN/FR)
Sunday, May 26, 1pm
CEDA – Room 119 (Kids, Caregivers, and Comrades Theme Room!)

This caucus is open to all parents and caregivers who would like to discuss issues of concern, share frustrations, tips, and strategies, as well as network with other parents and caregivers. There will be a facilitator present, but the content of the discussion will be determined by those who attend.

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 3pm

Anarchists resisting fascists and the far-right: The example of Greece (EN)
Sunday, May 26, 3pm
CCGV – Room 2.140

This workshop will explore the rise of the fascist right in Greece, and anarchist?efforts to resist neo-nazis, as part of broader popular movements for social and?economic justice. The goal of this workshop is two-fold: i) to understand the rise?of the far-right in Greece; ii) to share and evaluate anarchist strategies and?tactics of resistance. This workshop will consist of panel presentations, followed?by a facilitated discussion. We’ll hear background information and perspectives?about the rise of neo-nazis in Greece from two anarchist women of Greek origin.

Panelists include Christina Xydous, a Montreal-based anarchist and feminist of Greek origin. She recently returned to Montreal after living in Pireus, Greece for a brief time, and remains very much concerned with the sudden rise in popularity of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn and the country’s general swing to the right, in the wake of the? european economic crisis. More panelists to be added before the Bookfair.

Is the personal political? (FR)
Sunday, May 26th, 3pm
CEDA – Room 123

?Is the personal political? How do we apply our ideals in our private lives? We would like to open a space for collective reflection during an knitting-discussion activity. The goal is to create a safe space for discussion on the practice of libertarian principles in our private lives, knitting all the while! An open invitation to everyone, of all ages.

Presented by Maille à Part, a knitting-graffiti collective based in Montreal.

Police Brutality and Political Profiling (FR)
Sunday, May 26th, 3pm
CEDA – Room 125

Police repression doesn’t necessarily depend on what happens during demonstrations, but also the cause or the social and political identity of the demonstrators. Poltical profiling, which gets worse and worse every year. This means that largest part of repression remains invisible: from surveillance to infiltration of social groups, the police use various methods to neutralize collective mobilization and dissent, including spreading false information in the media. In this workshop, the authors of the book à qui la rue? Répression policière et mouvements sociaux [Whose Streets? Police Repression and Social Movements] will share their analyses and conclusions.

Facilitated by Francis Dupuis-Déri and Marc-André Cyr. Francis is a professor of political science at UQAM specializing in political ideas and social movements. Marc-André is a docotral candidate in poltical science, and teaching assistant, and blogs about social movements at

Anarchist Education (FR)
Sunday, May 26, 3pm
CEDA – Room 119 (Kids, Caregivers, and Comrades Theme Room!)

Been thinking about education? Come share your reflections and questions. This workshop will begin with the screening of two short films about anarchist education which have never before been screened in Quebec, followed by a space for discussion and sharing.

Facilitated by Marike Reid-Gaudet and Mubeenah Mughal. Marike is interested in liberatory education, is active with the Montreal Rad School, does homeschooling with her son, and is president of the Quebec Homeschooling Association (l’Association Québécoise pour l’éducation à Domicile). Mubeenah is the happy mom of 3 kids. Involved for many years in a variety of libertarian collectives, she is particularly active in the Montreal Rad School.