Thank you! 2013

The Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective would like to thank everyone who supports the Bookfair: cabaret performers, artists, translators, all of our volunteers, including everyone who posters and helps publicize the event, CéDA, the Georges-Vanier Cultural Center and the neighbourhood, CKUT 90.3FM, QPIRG Concordia, the Midnight Kitchen, le Collectif Ras-le-Bol, the Montreal Childcare Collective and Sound Team.

A big thank you to Sara S, ?Maxence, Zach, Jeanne, Helen, Philippe, Jenny, Graham, Annabelle, Marie-Christine, Cera, Andrea, Otto, Noah, Kayle, Christian S, Maya, Chang, Marianne, Marie-Anne, Lucien, Noémie, Mélissa, Maria, Thaninna, Anne H, Alex T, Joss, Vanesa, Charli, Taylor, Cee, Sara, Dave Z, Heidi, Akki, Bee, Jacqueline, Caroline, Elizabeth, Dylan, Dominique, Fanny, Jean-Christophe, Claire A, Sunny, Anais, Danielle, Sophie S, Guillaume B, Matt, Thien, Joel, Karine, Aaron L, Maxime, Floriane, Daria, JP, Pierre-Luc, Farrah, Maria F, Justine, Amber, Gabriella and everyone else who helped us out (we have forgotten some names!).

The Bookfair is organized by a collective made of volunteers. We are always looking for new members. Contact us in order to contribute to the organization for the 2014 Bookfair (เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์ฟรี).

For 2013, the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair collective was comprised of?Adrienne, Alastriona, Audrey, Dan, Dave, Fred, Jaggi, Thomas and Valérie.